This Membership platform will facilitate Empowerment for Next Normal as per the Vision articulated on the Home page.

The value proposition for Members:

  • Global Family with WE mindset, understanding & lifelong relationship
  • The larger purpose for a balanced life for well-being, progress & happiness
  • A platform for all needs linked to the purpose to avoid overwhelming on multiple fronts
  • Consistent evolution & passion for avoiding stress, distraction or mindless actions
  • Pull authentic & relevant solutions without overlapping or gaps
  • Community interactions to encourage & sustain the initiatives
  • Personalised Mentoring with contextual understanding across life transitions & for Next Normal
  • Free registration for ordinary members
  • Community interactions for premium members

The Value Proposition for Associates:

  • Discovering a Massive Purpose to visualise all needs & develop innovative solutions
  • Collaborations with other associates with a shared purpose, vision, values & passion
  • Building up of collective Intelligence & Capabilities through cross-learning across cultures & professions
  • Mentoring leaders, consultants, coaches & investors to evolve from the early stage to scaling up & then for Next Normal
  • Angel investing for early-stage ideas with minimum viable products & early adoption to cross the chasm for scaling up
  • Continuous technology upgradation & support for Engagement, Innovation, Prudence, Flexibility, Effectiveness & scalable impact.
  • Cobranding of the platform to evolve without losing focus on core
  • Community to capture diverse perspectives & encourage each other
  • Developing independent platforms on similar lines without technological overwhelm

About Founder:

Pankaj Sarda, Initiator for the platform, is from Mumbai, India.

He is a Finance (CA) & Systems (CISA) professional with 35 years of experience managing Finance, Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management in the corporate sector. After he retired in 2017, he got certified as Mentor by Purpose Alliance & Exo sprint coach from OpenExO.

He mentored & coached startups participating in global challenges in 'future of health care', 'future of education' & 'future of happiness'. He then initiated this platform Https://

Pankaj Sarda can be contacted at:

[email protected]

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