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Pankaj Sarda, the Founder of the platform, is from Mumbai, India. He is a registered mentor with Startup India.

His Life-story & Vision, in his own words, are stated hereunder. This will be a starting point. As mentioned on the home page, the platform will eventually be for a Shared Purpose, Values, Capabilities & Passion.

'I am a Finance (CA) & Systems (CISA) professional with 40 years of experience managing Finance, Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management & Systems in the corporate sector & as a consultant for small & medium size organisations.

I observed & experienced that Human potential, commitment & impact do not get attention as people are stuck with present conditions & race for short-term results. Many people face mental & emotional problems despite freedom, luxuries & advanced medical solutions. 

After retirement in 2017, I set out to discover solution-fit for the above. I pursued the following certification courses:

A) Master Minds program by Tony Robbins, a leading Life coach & Strategist & Dean Graziosi, a leading Entrepreneur coach. The program enabled me to extract relevant insights from the masters for accelerated learning & for using the learning to offer personalised solutions.

B) Meditation & Creativity by Kaivalyadham. It enabled me to calm my mind, observe nonjudgmentally & tap my strategic creative intuition.

C) ExO sprint coach by OpenExO. It enabled me to coach business leaders to leverage technologies & models for flexible & scalable growth. I coached participants on disruptive innovation initiatives for Philips Global Healthcare Project.

D) Purpose launchpad mentor by Purpose Alliance. It enabled me to help early-stage startups to explore, validate & then scale up for impact using the Purpose Launchpad methodology for agile & balanced evolving, innovation models & impact metrics. I mentored & coached startups participating in global challenges in the 'Future of health care', 'Future of education' & 'Future of happiness'.

E) Membership platform by Stu Mclaren to learn how to engage with members with different success paths & at different stages on the path

F) ExI by Exponential Individuals LLC. It enabled my transformation to leverage the IKIGAI model for integrating passion, capabilities, the viable models for World needs.

Based on the above learning, I have initiated this Membership Platform https://GPSforNextNormal.in. to orchestrate ecosystems for transformative human & economic impact & offering personalised mentoring to promoters of initiatives.

My involvement will be balanced to ensure full understanding as well as out-of-box thinking.

As a registered Mentor on Start Up India, I am actively involved in the startup ecosystem.

Pankaj Sarda can be contacted at:

[email protected]