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Art, cultural and entertainment Ecosystems consisting of storytellers, scriptwriters, training institutions, mentors, directors, producers, distributors & audience:

 We are wired with the ability to convert thoughts, observations, experiences & imagination into stories, films, music, design, dance or other creative forms to make an impact. 

Every culture & every person has something unique to offer to a global audience. The global audience also needs such non-verbal presentation for joy, inspiration & broader cultural intelligence to create better human understanding & transformative positive impact. 

A creative professional with a calm mind (& not vulnerable to dependency, volatility or uncertainty) & creative intuition can capture the relevant experiences for a more substantial & lasting impact on life-relevant themes like 'Work-life balance' if there is a direct connection between the creative professional & audience for 

  • Tapping life-changing stories everywhere and infotainment to set a transformative narrative & to co-create positive cultural & happy impact for a global audience.

       Creative heterogenous lot in India can contribute a lot to the same. 

  • Web3 & Trusted Blockchain to enable global decentralised ecosystems for diversified art & entertainment, democratisation of creative profession to minimise dependency, broader cultural intelligence, better understanding & positive human, social & economic impact

Holistic Mentoring & syndicating can enable students & professionals with creative aspirations to

  • tap cross-learning in Life, Art, Global Cultures and business to blend reality, creativity, broader outlook & prudence &
  • consistently evolve by leveraging the game-changing technology of blockchain, AI, collaborations & community engagement.