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Building up of culture & capabilities to co-create cohesive impact 

Narrative for building holistic & collective strengths:

G-20, during India's presidency, set the mission of 'One Earth, One Family, One Future' to leverage unity in diversity for human, social & economic impact. 

The new narrative will enable us to avoid lonely fights or dependency. Like in a family, we can integrate well-being, progress, relationships, art & entertainment & tap collective strengths to sow seeds to nurture minds & initiatives for resilience & growth.

This narrative will upend the last global narrative that was set by Industry 2.0 for mass production that triggered the competitive race for scarce resources or opportunities & vulnerability to demand-supply-access-driven market dynamics. This led to the suppression of inner energy & consequent mental-emotional-social problems. 

Nurturing Minds & Ideas for New Narrative

The world is like a theatre where a newly borne child, innovative idea, immersive story, grand event or inspiring talk is welcomed enthusiastically. 

Children without inhibitions & entrepreneurs with out-of-box thinking look beyond present problems, needs or practices & connect dots to discover 'what is not visible' & think of an initiative that meets unmet needs & creates a proactive impact.

With new business models & artificial intelligence as a co-pilot, one can blend human ingenuity & low-cost basic versions of scalable technology to initiate, experiment, validate & evolve innovative initiatives beyond individual or organisational constraints. Flexibility to change gears for changing scenarios & resilience to absorb shocks is faster in such a model. 

Leaders create habitat to nurture such initiatives with encouraging conditions & make them strong enough to thrive in the real world of misaligned interests or priorities, overshadowing, inflexibilities & complex, uncertain & volatile dynamics that prevent the conversion of innovative ideas into tangible actions to create lasting impact.

After this nurturing period, organisations need orchestration & planned simulations to evolve scalable initiatives & kill unviable initiatives in such a way that the enthusiasm of team working for a larger purpose remains intact.

 Integration and orchestration of Knowledge, Technology, Innovation, Business and Investment ecosystems

Steve Jobs, in his second innings at Apple, looked beyond personal views & the present capabilities to develop a larger eco-system to meet unmet human needs.  

Ecosystems extend beyond a company, product or service to enable synergies, collective resilience & impact through

  • The democratisation of access to learning from authentic sources, resources & opportunities.
  • Unique identifiers, credit scores, impact rating/ certifying agencies & social stock exchange that facilitate a direct connection between the business, social & philanthropic investors and the investees & convenient exit route without affecting the continuity of initiative.
  • Technologies that enhance better decision support minimise promotional costs (targeted marketing), fixed manpower costs (availability of partners on demand & democratic models) & costs for incentivising (as tokens will take care of the same). This will minimise unproductive investments & excess borrowings.
  • Integration, consistency, authenticity, reduced gaps (between top & bottom) & accelerated learning to compete against other ecosystems (that offer similar expanded value propositions) through
    • interoperable technology stacks
    • collective intelligence (insights, tacit & conversational AI)
    • balanced perspective based on cross-learning across cultures & generations
    • sharing of resources, services & skills for Finance, Legal, Systems, HR and Risk Management to enable focus on core

Mentoring and reverse mentoring to transform minds, startups & ecosystems for Digital, Cultural and Talent transformation

Krishna mentored friend Arjuna as a charioteer on the battlefield of Mahabharat. He remained conversant with the journey of life & real-time context. He however did not lead, advise or coach him on how to fight. He inspired him to rise above attachments & resentments & offered a transformative narrative (through the Bhagavad Gita) under crisis conditions.

Mentors offer a friendly understanding of life's journey & real-time context across life transitions & changing scenarios for the GPS-like contextual direction & timely nudge for the following:

  • Agile evolving of initiatives & balancing across product development, investment or promotion dimensions for startups.
  • Mindfulness to channel attention, emotions, energy, thoughts & skills for prudent choices.

  • Accelerated skilling with needed breadth & depth through collaboration amongst specialists, coaches and experienced.

  • Pulling relevant & holistic insights & solutions instead of going by the niche-focused promotional push
  • Developing the credibility of the startup & initiative to be investment-worthy
  • Encouraging a better understanding between investor & startup to avoid discordance & ensure an uninterrupted flow
  • WE mindset amongst partners & community engagement to ensure sustained action and longer retention
  • Synthesis of fragmented & interdependent initiatives to
    • avoid overlapping/ gaps, reinventing the wheel or being overwhelmed by multi-dimensional challenges & options
    • co-create innovation stacks for game-changing, cohesive & scalable human, social & economic impact. 
    • co-brand for higher conversion & sticking effect at a shared cost commensurate with the value captured.

A mentor & mentee proactively align thinking as they wear a) a blue hat to understand transformative narrative, b) a red hat to sensitise emotions linked to life journey, c) a white hat to know facts with a detached mind, d) a black hat to observe vulnerabilities & threats; e) yellow hat to prioritise based on importance & impact & f) green hat to visualise beyond present problems, constraints, pressures, fears, attachments & judgmental sensitivities or opinions & develop purpose-driven curious, abundance & exponential mindset to tap the potential of technology & collective strengths.