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Wellness & Rural Tourism Ecosystems consisting of knowledge institutions, coaches, hosts, tourists, startups, mentors & investors:


a)  Leveraging the metamorphosis of tourism to any-time, anywhere tourism & workcation that helps step out of the life of temporary privileges & external pressures/ pleasures/ Recognition for Rejuvenation, Reflection, Cross-cultural Learning, healthy living practices & playful activities

b) Converging Wellness tourism, wellness coaching and digital solutions (like virtual reality for reimagined well-being) to offer a holistic (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual) care continuum from prevention to diagnosis to treatment to post-treatment care. This minimises human miseries & insurance costs.

c) Training homestay hosts as entrepreneurs enables them to carry out ventures effectively & offer happy wellness experiences to middle-class tourists who cannot afford costly resorts. For those who do not have roots in small towns, such homestays provide connections to roots & provide strength to fly high like kites connected to the ground.