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Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical & Environmental Ecosystems for relaxation, reflection & resetting of life for happy & healthy living & ageing  

Pressures for success, desires for instant gratification & social sensitivity trigger mental & emotional problems. We do not notice or ignore the same till they aggravate into chronic diseases & in some cases, emergencies.

Sick care with fragmented specialisations & toxic effects cannot offer prevention or a happy experience during or post-treatment.

The need is for a natural healing, physical and mental fitness, and care continuum for prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment, emergency handling, and post-treatment care.

Spiritual & Wellness centres offer life-changing experiences & broader perspectives on how to

  • Rise above stress-causing complex entanglements, enhance mental & emotional strength & develop mutual trust & respect.
  • Enable¬†undistracted holistic learning,¬†cross-cultural sharing &¬†out-of-box thinking.
  • Rejuvenate through connection to nature, nutritious cuisine, wellness, and spiritual, playful, and creative activities (like yoga, meditation, music, sports, and dance) for fresh energy, fitness, and¬†happiness hormones.

This platform offers to internalise & promote these experiences and understandings through the following:

  1. Offer personalised mentoring to integrate the above in life along with other priorities
  2. Align with global models, government campaigns (like Heal in India), and wellness, tourism, and insurance ecosystem players for a cohesive response.
  3. Share practical insights, standards, SOPs & best practices amidst existing wellness centres.
  4. Empower new units, rural people (with entrepreneurial potential & endowed with nature) and other centres (like senior citizens' homes, homestays, etc.) to offer cost-effective follow-up options
  5. Empower Senior citizens with Happy, Healthy Ageing with Dignity through
    • Learning & activities to retain Mental, physical & cognitive abilities
    • Options for independent, assisted & nursing home living for fulfilling experiences (for telling stories to children, mentoring youth & sharing ancient health care practices), service with gratitude under timebank Models & blockchain to liquidate real estate investment
    • Globally best policies, counselling, protection and support services (healthcare, legal, insurance, financial & social service organisations)