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GPS for Next Normal

A family-like Ecosystem Platform that enables thriving in uncertain, fast-changing times by A) Mentoring minds and nurturing innovative initiatives and B) Orchestrating ecosystems to enhance collective strengths for holistic resilience and proactive, broader & lasting impact.


Evolving proactively, holistically & collectively beyond individual or organizational resources, capabilities & reach.

Our physical resources, capabilities, connections, actions, and reach have a finite capacity. Like a weak link in a chain, a vulnerability, or an external threat in an uncertain world further limits our impact.

We can, however, have a personalised as well as broader & scalable impact beyond financial and physical capacities or actions by tapping the abundant potential of

1) Massive Transformative purpose (MTP) that taps collective potential to meet collective needs

2) Inspiring leadership 

3) A timely nudge by a mentor with a detached, contextual & emotional understanding

4) Relationships with trust chain, shared passion, commitment & complementary strengths

5) Game-changing Innovation, Art, Media, Entertainment & Motivational activities

6) Exponential technologies & inclusive scalable models under WEB3

7) Artificial Intelligence (AI) as co-pilot

8) Resilient systems and

9) Conducive ecosystems for Social Justice & inclusive growth.

Value Proposition-

Our happiness hormones tap into our inner strengths and create a positive impact. Nature makes us relaxed and creative. Playfulness reduces dependence on external pleasures. Love makes us emotionally strong. Courage & confidence make us resilient to challenges.

Joint families, gurukuls, and communities of the past offered conducive conditions for the above. With technology, we can enable global connections across cultures, generations & professions for personalised & scalable value exchange with human, social & economic impact. 

We propose a family-like, trusted & inclusive ecosystem Platform that makes available all that is needed to thrive in fast-changing times in one place i.e. A) Mentoring minds & nurturing innovative initiatives (like seeds) & B) Orchestrating ecosystems to a) Align all stakeholders for a balanced perspective, b) Leverage value providers' complementary strengths, c) Pull relevant solutions to meet holistic needs of value receivers and d) Synthesise fragmented initiatives & share best practices for the benefit of following interdependent ecosystems:

1) Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Environmental well-being Ecosystems through natural relaxation, physical fitness, mental wellness, healthy food, well-tech, wellness tourism etc., for Happy and Healthy Living, Evolution, and Ageing. READ...

2) Life, Academic, Experiential, and Complementary Learning ecosystems for AI-supported lifelong and balanced evolving to remain Agile and Relevant to handle Multi-dimensional challenges & changes effectively. READ...

3) Entrepreneurial, Professional, Technology, Research and Impact Investment ecosystems for Agile Innovation and Balanced Evolution to align macroeconomic priorities, organisational objectives and specific unmet needs for scalable Human, Social, and Economic Impact. READ...

4) Art, Media, Content Creators, AI and Influencers' ecosystems for tapping Creative Potential, shaping Transformative Narrative and encouraging motivating activities for Broader, Deeper & Positive Cultural Impact. READ...

1. Inspiring Spirituality & Rejuvenation in Nature to Expand Consciousness & tap Inner Energy:

Inspiring spiritual and wellness institutions, authentic knowledge institutions, Professional associates, and Practitioners will inspire, enlighten, relax and motivate practices (like wellness tourism, yoga & meditation) that enable a calm, open, and creative mind and tap into inner energy for stress-free progress.

2. Personalised Holistic Mentoring to Evolve Minds, Initiatives, Organisations, and Ecosystems Consistently

Mentors will offer a) a personalised, detached, holistic, and contextual understanding of life journey, b) a Helicopter-like overview of emerging scenarios & available options, c) Integration of complementary strengths, cross-learnings & coaching d ) Methodologies  to evolve across all dimensions in a balanced way & e) Timely nudge before a path is chosen & before the mind becomes susceptible to the Halo effect of experiences & impressions 

Krishna's mentoring of Arjuna on Karma Yoga through the Bhagavad Gita exemplifies how, even under crisis conditions, one can rise above momentary sentiments to think of a large purpose.

3. Purpose-driven hybrid interactions to tap Cross learning, Complementary strengths & Community encouragement 

A purpose-driven WE mindset with shared values, mutual trust, and passion can flexibly connect to leverage cross-learning, complementary strengths & community encouragement 

  • Collaborations amongst big organisations & startups to blend advantages of innovation & economies of scale
  • Virtual CxO, Multidisciplinary consultancy services and Master mind programs for effective professional services
  • Enabling interactions among ecosystem stakeholders¬†for a Multi-dimensional balanced perspective through:
    • Providing enabling policies, technologies, investments, regulations & conditions to achieve stable and inclusive growth;
    • Synthesising fragmented initiatives for enhanced innovation stack & resilience to systemic or interdependent risks & positive, cohesive impact.

 4. Technolgy, Business Models & Methodology

For interactions, we have subscribed to the basic model of the Membership Platform Kajabi (which has an annual revenue of $6 billion & has served more than 75 million customers).

We follow the BOSI framework for entrepreneurial DNA assessment, the Purpose Launchpad methodology to balance evolving minds and initiatives across all dimensions, and the ExO model for scalable impact. We will leverage these and other relevant tools. We also leverage the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to integrate accelerators, gears & brakes to navigate faster without accidents.

In future, we will explore  Web3, Fintech, Blockchain and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) for the Ecosystem Platform.

Business Model, Governance, Investment, Market, Competition & Unique Value Proposition:

Business Model, Governance & Investment

This platform will work as a catalyst. Platform Management will handle Platform Management, Co-branding, Technology Support, and Compliance. Succession planning (in place of present founders) will be developed to ensure personal accountability, effective governance, and continuity.

The platform will charge operational companies per the above business model canvas at the agreed rate.

 In addition to the above professional role, the platform will consider forming an investment company at a later date and inviting impact investors to take a stake to endorse and commit to supported initiatives. The earnings on investment will be invested in technology upgrades and promotions to benefit the initiatives.

Impact investment will blend philanthropic & outcome objectives to enable impact & growth.

Professional impact measurement will assess the impact and commensurate value per investment unit over time to enable transfers between impact investors. Latest trends in impact investments will be tracked & discussed amongst investors to develop consensus.

Market & Competition:

Ecosystems of all stakeholders are replacing current models for proactive consensus building, collective strengths, and resilience to disruptive changes. 

 Governments initiate ecosystem orchestration at the macro level.

The private sector focuses on core business and niche marketing. The need is for a platform that offers personalised mentoring & orchestrating of the entire ecosystem like a catalyst with detached contextual understanding & commitment.

 Unique Value Proposition

The founder has 14 years of experience anchoring discussions on emerging risks, opportunities, and multidimensional dynamics across all levels and verticals in conglomerates. After retiring from his corporate job, he took courses on Fintech (Harvard), the ExO Model (OpenExO), and Purpose Mentoring. He now offers entrepreneurial mentoring to startups.

 Therefore, the platform will offer a blend of 1) Innovation & Risk Management, 2) Entrepreneurship, and Professional governance.

The background of the founder & genesis of the initiative are stated at https://www.gpsfornextnormal.in/about

Minimum Viable Ecosystem & Roadmap

According to BCG Henderson Institute, the above options exist for evolving ecosystems.

We propose Interactions in the first phase, technology deployment & transactions in the second phase, and a sustainable and scalable model in the third phase.

Phase 1 -Minimum Viable Ecosystem

As the platform is PULL-driven, the Membership platform's inbuilt 'Interactions' functionality will enable 1) Community Engagement for brainstorming, 2) Innovation for solutions, 3) Collaborative Insights for Pragmatism 

For example, Naturopathy and Yoga Centers will encourage Wellness Tourism by sharing knowledge, practices, experiences, offers, and Q&A. They can empower associate professionals, homestay hosts, senior citizen homes, and communities for healthy and happy living and ageing through alliances. A Timeshare club can be formed to enable the offer of tokens by the centres to members

Mentors on the platform will evolve best mentoring practices for a personalised, detached contextual understanding of the mentee and pull and integrate the relevant solutions and inputs from relevant ecosystems.

Phase 2 -Technology deployment for transactions

We will use insights and ideas from interactions in Phase 1 to design the Ecosystem Platform, which will use Web3 technologies, interoperable systems, innovative models, and flexible, committed collaborations for inclusive, sustainable, and scalable growth of all.

A modular approach with stable interfaces and a fair value-sharing model will enable commitment & the evolution of technologies and capabilities commensurate with changing scenarios and needs.

Crowdfunded Philanthropic, Social, or Business Investments will converge. Specialised agencies will measure intangible impacts and outcomes for consideration of entity entrepreneurs & investors.

Phase 3- Sustainable & Scalable Model 

 We will work for a family-like Spiritual and Wellness Club, orchestrating all offers to enable diverse experiences and sharing for stress-free progress, anxiety-free life, and unity in diversity.

This will enable a Network effect for 1) Family-like bonding, 2) Value enhancement, and 3) Cost-effective scaling up.