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GPS for Next Normal

Democratic and Equitable multi-platform multi-stakeholder ecosystem to enable Holistic, Broader, Proactive, Coherent, Sustainable and Scalable Human, Cultural, Rural and Economic Impact

Thriving holistically & collectively in changing times  

The pandemic, lockdowns, digital transformation & global collective initiatives taught us the following:

  • Disruption in any dimension can affect our life & world
  • We have transformative potential  to change the rules of the game

During lockdown, lonely senior citizens told stories to the children locked up in their homes through a simple Club House app.

We adapt, resist, control, or protect in daily life to survive or grow in a competitive world. We ignore the changing dynamics of a complex, uncertain world requiring us to collectively empower each other to handle real challenges. 

A child needs nurturing with love to retain creative potential & develop the emotional strength to handle fears & fascinations. Young needs inspiration to channel time, attention, energy, capability & relationship development initiatives for resilience & growth. The elderly need to remain active & relevant in changing times to avoid loneliness. Cross-learning across generations can blend the strengths of all.  

 Similarly, in a job, business & profession, every player needs protection, resilience & growth. 

On the social front, we are sensitive or judgmental to seek social acceptance or recognition. The privileged dominate & the deprived lead vulnerable or rebellious lives in a world of regional, economic & knowledge disparities 

Multi-stakeholder ecosystems can enable leveraging of the unique potential of everyone & complementary strengths for transformative narrative, empowerment, social justice, authentic knowledge and relevant technology to co-create conditions for democratic, equitable & sustainable growth of all.

Value Proposition:
This platform will enable synergies for value providers & cohesive impact for value receivers through the following:
  • Purpose-driven ecosystems, culture, capabilities development, models & cohesive initiatives for well-being, progress & happiness
  • Entrepreneurial intuition to sensitise needs, visualise the future, tap capabilities to innovate & co-create
  • Dynamic leadership to set conducive conditions for ease, playfulness & equitable, consistent & sustainable growth.
  • Mentoring to understand the journey, have a helicopter-like overview of possibilities, co-discover options & offer a timely nudge.
  • Ecosystem orchestration to synthesise fragmented initiatives for co-innovation, collective resilience & cohesive impact
  • Convergent Business, Social and Philanthropic Investments with shared understanding, passion, trust & commitment.
  • Regular support like in group services for harmonious Culture & multi-disciplinary Capabilities development for the following:
    • Democratic governance- values, finance, systems, knowledge, talent, technology, risk & compliance management
    • Collaborations with WE mindset & shared passion for synergies & long-lasting commitment
    • Community to pull diverse perspectives, encourage next steps & develop a broader trust chain.
    • Coaching for lifelong accelerated learning of actionable insights & 21st-century skills
    • Multi-disciplinary consultancy (including for new requirements like cyber resilience)
  • Exponential model to tap human potential, underutilised resources & exponential technologies for scalable impact

Minimum Viable Overarching Ecosystem (MVE) for Cohesive Impact

We will start with a catalyst role for a minimum viable overarching ecosystem (MVE) that will enable holistic upfront understanding in the following ecosystems for Life, Growth, Well-being, Art and Entertainment in one place to avoid overwhelm or imbalance:

I) Learning & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems:

  • Life coaches on the platform will expand understanding & offer counselling before mental & emotional problems aggravate. 
  • Business coaches will expand awareness about needs & options for 21st-century skills & conduct sessions for groups.
  • Consultants will create awareness of sources of authentic knowledge & relevant technology & offer the required advice.
  • Mentors will offer personalised understanding & integration of the above to enable self-directed, holistic & lifelong learning & practice.
  • Cross-learning across cultures & generations will be leveraged to develop a balanced perspective & minimise the divides.
  • Ecosystem Knowledge Management will enable the integration of ancient & modern science & holistic understanding

II) Ecosystem & Club of Wellness Stakeholders:

Anxiety of uncertain life, stress at work, monotony in repetitive tasks, pollution, inadequate exposure to sunlight & fresh air, lifestyle problems & dependency on instant pleasure or cure trigger extremes of excitement or misery & chronic physical, mental & emotional problems

Vacation is the best time to attract attention & inspire regular retreats offering personalised counselling & playful experiences of wellness practices, diverse cross-cultural learning & community encouragement.

Wellness stakeholders can come together to form a club on the co-ownership basis to 

1) Empower people blessed with nature to tap their potential & underutilised properties & 

2) Offer ‘Holistic & lasting well-being’ even to middle-class people & senior citizens at affordable costs through a club with lifetime subscriptions for regular yearly stays to sustain & spread the practice

This platform can be a catalyst to orchestrate the ecosystem & interdependent ecosystems s explained in the value proposition

 III) Art and Entertainment ecosystems:

  • Mentoring and orchestration (as illustrated for the wellness ecosystem)will enable global decentralised ecosystems for diversified art & entertainment, democratising the creative profession to minimise dependency & develop broader cultural intelligence, understanding & positive human, social & economic impact  

In future, MVE can evolve to carry over learnings to similar value elements in other ecosystems & for orchestration like illustrated for wellness.

Business Model, Governance, Technology, Market & Unique Value Proposition:

Business Model for each ecosystem is stated in the Business Model canvas. 


The subscription platform will eventually evolve as a section 8 company under the Indian Companies Act & as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) working for mutual benefit.

Value exchange will be based on the time value for professionals & impact value for investments. The same will not be volatile based on market dynamics.

Revenue earned by the platform from value providers & receivers will be reinvested for technological upgradation & promotion of the platform for enhanced value for customers, vendors & investors. 

Specialised agencies will measure intangible impacts & commensurate outcomes.

Technology, Market, Competition:

Complementing the platform will enhance cooperation as well as the competitive strengths of members to

  • Upgrade technology ( for knowledge synthesis, technology stacks for interoperable systems, conversational intelligence for funnelling curated knowledge, AR/VR for Simulated learning & practice, democratisation through blockchain & scalable cohesive impact through exponential models & technologies),
  • Promote for common benefit. According to the Accenture report, 75% of current business models will be replaced by ecosystems.
  • Complement such that no two ecosystems will overlap for a similar enhanced value proposition.
  • Handle disruptive challenges proactively & collectively ( like the way healthcare ecosystems handled the pandemic)

Unique Value Proposition

A founder has 14 years of experience in anchoring discussions on emerging risks, opportunities and multidimensional dynamics across all levels in all verticals in conglomerates. Also, he has mentored startups using purpose launchpad methodology for 6 years after he retired from his corporate job.