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GPS for Next Normal

Ecosystem Platform as a catalyst to offer 1) Spiritual Inspiration, 2) Personalised Mentoring & 3) Enablers for effective Ecosystem Orchestration to co-create cohesive, inclusive impact & thrive in changing times 

Evolving holistically beyond individual or organisational resources, capabilities and reach 

The pandemic made us realise that our physical resources, bandwidth, capabilities, privileges, reach, and influences are finite.

An adaptive mind that is stuck with a present problem, comfort, or distraction is vulnerable to disruptive changes in the rules—and sentiments-driven inflexible world.

However, like a seed, any transformative initiative supported by families, organisations, and ecosystems can create a positive exponential impact.

Purpose-driven ecosystems and models at the edge of formal structures can inspire innovation, enable evolution, and provide shared resources.

Core Value Proposition for Individuals, Cultures, Organisations & Ecosystems

The PUSH-driven world lauds success, blames failure, sympathises with the vulnerable, and ignores invisible people & initiatives creating life-changing impacts.

During India's presidency, the G20 set the mission of 'One Earth, One Family, One Future'.

We propose a family-like club as Platform-cum-Ecosystem to boost & channel energy for the Holistic, Consistent and Balanced evolution of individuals, cultures, organisations & ecosystems.

Even generation gaps and other class divides can be bridged if each side looks for a middle path to leverage complementary strengths.

It will PULL relevant solutions or insights from the following ecosystems:  

1) Life, Academic, Experiential, and complementary Learning ecosystemsREAD...

2) Research, Technological, Innovation, Entrepreneurial, Professional, and Impact Investment ecosystems. READ...

3) SpiritualMental, Emotional, Physical, and Environmental well-being EcosystemsREAD...

4) Art, Media, and Entertainment ecosystems. READ...

 Minimum Viable Platform: 

As the platform is PULL-driven, the Membership platform's inbuilt 'Interactions' functionality will enable the following interactions:

  • Connections in the Startup India platform & relevant institutions & professionals will initiate the exploring & validation phase
  • Value providers will align their solutions with value receivers' needs and pull insights from value receivers.
  • Value receivers will pull solutions from Value providers and share their insights with value providers.
  • Web3-based 'transactional' functionality will emerge
  • Technology Infrastructure will evolve
  • A fair sharing model will be agreed upon
  • Dots will be connected for the holistic & balanced evolution of individuals, organisations & ecosystems.
  • Platform will grow with three flywheels viz. Insights, Network & cost-effectiveness on scaling up
  1. Happiness & Wellness Club:

Spiritual wellness centres, trained associates & practitioners will boost and channel inner energy & confidence for wellness & happiness initiatives, which in turn will inspire open mindset for all other initiatives.

2. Mentoring: Mentors will offer the following:

  • Personalised, detached and holistic contextual understanding
  • Helicopter-like overview (of emerging scenarios & innovative options)
  • Methodology (for tapping transformative potential & consistently balanced evolving of minds, initiatives, and ecosystems).
  • Connecting to existing or designing new Ecosystem Platform

Krishna's mentoring on the battlefield of Mahabharat, an Indian epic, is a model for the platform.

As a Mentor & Charioteer (Sarthi), Krishna offered a) detached observation (Krishna neither picked up weapons nor advised or coached on how to fight a war), b) contextual understanding (by being aligned for a lifetime & even on the battlefield), c) a transformative perspective (through the Bhagavad Gita), and d) timely direction to Arjuna. On the other hand, Arjuna, as a mentee, was transparent about his dilemmas & receptive to a larger perspective even under crisis.

3. Ecosystem Orchestration

  • Membership Platform based on WEB3: For 1)   Providing Autonomy, conducive conditions & innovation stack for nurturing co-innovation; 2) for enhanced value, better experience, coherent evolving, resilience & cost-effective inclusive growth & 3) Fair Value sharing.
    • Person-to-Person (PtoP) matching for
      •  Need-Solution
      • Investment
    • Leveraging Collaboration, Coaching & Multi-disciplinary Consultancy for Complementary strengths, Upskilling, Multi-dimensional view & Co-branding
    • Leveraging Community Engagement (closed or open) for Multi-stakeholder consensus development, Brainstorming, Balanced perspective, Cross-learning, Trust building & Synthesising fragmented & interdependent initiatives (for cohesive impact)
    • Tapping cross-sectoral tools & services for cost-effective transactions  
  •      Technology support to build & manage Shared Services to enable value providers to focus on core through
    • Technology, like Fintech, for DeFi & Blockchain for trusted chain impact
    • Collective Intelligence, like AI, for consolidation & funnelling of authentic knowledge
    • Models, like ExO, for scalable impact