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Membership platform to tap individual & collective intelligence, investments & initiatives for personalised & broader positive impact through:

  • Mentoring & Coaching to learn, empower & evolve for a larger shared purpose, values, passion, trust, understanding & collective strength
  • Multidisciplinary Professional Services to proactively leverage cross-learning to handle multi-dimensional challenges 
  • Synthesis of fragmented & interdependent initiatives to co-create holistic & cohesive impact & avoid overlapping or gaps
  • Impact Investment through building eligibility of investees, innovative investment options & trusted relationships building
  • Technologies like AI & blockchain to enable decentralised & scalable models 
  • Community engagement & gamification for mutual encouragement & pooling of diverse perspectives
  • Self-sustaining multi-stakeholder ecosystem to enable evolving culture, conducive conditions, regulatory sandbox & interoperable systems
Thriving holistically & collectively in fast-changing times  

The pandemic has made us realise that, like a weak link in the chain, any weakness can make us mentally, emotionally, physically, financially & socially vulnerable. 

Also, as individuals & organisations, we have limited time, attention span, bandwidth, resources, capabilities & reach to handle multi-dimensional & unforeseen risks or opportunities. However, worrying, ignoring, reacting or depending upon sentimental, commercial, fair-weather or formal relationships cannot prevent or undo the impact of the risks or loss of opportunities.

Fortunately, web3 technologies & hybrid phygital models have triggered a shift from centralised to purpose-driven & trusted decentralised models to tap inner energy, collective strengths and entrepreneurial initiatives for multifaceted value propositions for proactive & holistic game-changing impact.

Governments are coming together & encouraging public-private partnerships to build infrastructure & frame policies & regulations for conducive multi-stakeholder ecosystems to co-create broader & lasting human, social & economic impact.

However, just as seed & child need nurturing with the required ecosystem across the growth phases, we need personalised understanding, helicopter-like overview & inspiring interactions to offer a larger perspective & timely direction to avoid deadlocks or pains of reversal.  

Arjuna & Krishna in Mahabharat are models of Mentee & Mentor—Arjuna, as a mentee, is transparent about his emotions of guilt, resentment & dilemmas & receptive to a larger perspective even under crisis conditions.

Krishna, as a mentor, had a detached observation (he never peaked up weapons) & understanding of Arjuna's life journey & surroundings & was present on the battlefield to understand Arjuna's dilemma and offer a transformative perspective & timely direction as a Charioteer (Sarthi).

Value Proposition

This membership Platform offers a single, easy interface for impact-making value providers, value receivers & investors to enable upfront understanding, trust, flexible & committed partnerships & co-branding.

The following initiatives are identified to co-create horizontal & sustainable growth for holistic, broader & deeper impact with lifetime value:

1) Personalised Mentoring, synthesising & financing of initiatives in the Learning ecosystem to enable holistic lifelong learning across life transitions

2) Personalised Mentoring, synthesising & financing of Entrepreneurial, Professional & Investment initiatives for Innovation & scalable impact

3) Personalised counselling, synthesising & Financing for Well-being initiatives like affordable retreats for healthy living & ageing

4) Personalised mentoring & financing of creative initiatives to integrate life, art, science & business for transformative cultural impact

1) Personalised Mentoring, Financing & Promoting Learning initiatives for Holistic Lifelong Learning across Life transitions & roles

Mentors on the platform will calibrate sensitisation & orientation to enable self-directed, lifelong, relevant, experiential, affordable, accelerated & multi-disciplinary learning (based on case studies), upskilling, reskilling & virtual simulation (for practice) for the following objectives:

  • Nurturing children to develop emotional strength & self-care habits, to tap inner energy, joy, confidence & will-power & not be vulnerable to external stimulations
  • Tapping the energy & potential of young for thoughtful confident choices driven by clear convictions & agile responses to challenges & opportunities
  • Career shifts or role transitions at the workplace to orient mindset & acquire the required skills for the new role.
  • Reverse Mentoring the elderly to enable them to remain relevant in fast-changing times.

2) Mentoring, Financing & Promoting of Entrepreneurial, Professional & Investment Initiatives for Innovation & scalable impact

In the fast-changing world, initiatives based on reverse innovation & evolving with changing needs co-create scalable human, social & economic impact to disrupt leaders (that thrive on present advantage, big investments, promotional capabilities or quick gains).

Purpose, Profit, Innovation & Impact are increasingly intertwined to serve the underserved.

However, such initiatives need agile & balanced evolution of capabilities, investments & promotion commensurate with real & sustainable impact. 

The platform will enable mindset, digital, cultural & talent transformation & build or pull following & other relevant solutions for timely direction, innovation, flexibility, impact & scalability for the following:

  • Inspiring purpose-driven mindset to foresee all possibilities & options impacting purpose
  • Nurturing entrepreneurs for abundance thinking to visualise the future, sense unmet needs & innovate to tap the underutilised potential
  • Developing leaders to set direction, inspire & guide to develop conducive conditions, culture and capabilities
  • Leveraging models, technologies & methodologies for agile, cohesive, consistent, balanced & scalable growth
  • Facilitating flexible & committed collaborations to tap complementary synergies & avoid systemic or structural risks
  • Fintech innovations for the trust chain & flow of investments commensurate with impact creation
  • Orchestrating multi-disciplinary professional services & consolidating & funnelling authentic knowledge, insights & relevant technology
  • Masterminds programs for accelerated experiential learning to develop generalist-specialists with personalised understanding
  • Coaching for 21-century skills for collaboration, resilience & out-of-box thinking
  • Empower inclusive growth & in rural locations endowed with Nature & supply chain vendors through visibility, entrepreneurial training & Finance.

3) Personalised financing & promoting Holistic Well-being initiatives like affordable retreats for healthy living & ageing

Regular, diverse, affordable & rejuvenating retreats away from the entanglement of the daily life of stress, monotony, conflicts, distractions, pollution & unhealthy lifestyles give time to relax, reflect & reset life for holistic well-being & lasting happiness.

The platform offers to bring together retreats, professionals & service providers to enhance collective strengths to 1) align with global models & govt campaigns to co-promote, 2) share practical insights, standards, SOPs & best practices across regions, 3) nurture new units to make them eligible for accreditation, 4) empower other centres (like those for senior citizens) & share vouchers to enable happy & healthy living & ageing through the following:

  •  Motivate for connection to nature, nutritious cuisine, family bonding & wellness, spiritual, playful & creative activities like yoga, meditation, music, sports & dance for fresh energy, fitness & happiness hormones in the world.
  • Integrate ancient & modern science & practices to offer authentic & comprehensive knowledge for prevention & care.
  • Enhance mental & emotional strength through healing, joy, love & change within
  • Enable connected care continuum to ensure prevention, timely diagnosis & regular care & minimise misery & medical & insurance costs.
  • Enable undistracted holistic learning (like in gurukuls of the past), cross-cultural sharing, out-of-box thinking (for creative pursuits) & brainstorming (in meetings)
  • Empower Senior citizens with Happy and Healthy Ageing through
    • Learning to retain Mental, physical & cognitive abilities
    • Sharing a) experiences (for better ageing), b) ancient knowledge & practices (on wellness as authenticated by GCTM set up by WHO) & c) practical insights to nurture children & mentor youth
    • Best policies, practices, counselling, protection, support services & initiatives globally. 
  • Empower people in rural locations endowed with Nature by coaching for entrepreneurial & other skills to host & offer a good tourist experience at an affordable cost to middle-class tourists.

 4) Personalised mentoring, financing & promoting creative initiatives to integrate life, art, science & business for transformative cultural impact

Every culture & every person has something unique to offer to a global audience. The global audience also needs such non-verbal presentation for joy, inspiration & broader cultural intelligence to create better human understanding & transformative positive impact. 

A creative professional with a calm mind & creative intuition can capture the relevant stories from the past or present to develop a narrative with universal appeal to educate, entertain & inspire thought-provoking, deeper & lasting transformative human, cultural, social & economic impact.

We propose Personalised Mentoring & orchestration for a conducive Art, Culture & Infotainment ecosystem for the following:

  • Empower creative professionals to establish direct connections with real-life stories & audiences to co-create narratives with positive & transformative cultural impact that are not distorted by subjective agendas, copying mindsets, celebrity cults, anonymous algorithms and misleading media. 
  • Build a sustainable model that avoids the fight for survival, the chase for a big name or money with consequent multi-dimensional challenges, fluctuating volume & consequent stress that impact lifestyle, health, dependable/ committed relationships & creativity. 
  • Orchestrate Decentralised, Diversified, Democratic and Globally connected ecosystems with Cross-cultural learning
  • Integrating & encouraging creative initiatives through Screen adaptation, upskilling, production facilities, technology (like AI, Web3, Blockchain, Animation, VFX, etc), investments, collaborations, co-production & promotion.  

Business Model, Governance, Technology, Market & Unique Value Proposition:

Business Model for each ecosystem is stated in the Business Model canvas. 


Platform Management will take care of the Management, Promotion for co-branding, Technology support, upgradation and Compliance of the platform.

The Operational Management will work as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for mutual benefit.

Partners will offer, pitch & respond to services & investments. Consideration will be driven by value addition & not be volatile like in transactional relationships.

The platform will charge partners directly attributable expenses & proportionate contributions for fixed expenses.

Technology, Market, Competition:

Complementing the platform will enhance cooperation as well as the competitive strengths of members to

  • Upgrade technology ( for knowledge synthesis, technology stacks for interoperable systems, conversational intelligence for funnelling authentic knowledge, AR/VR for Simulated learning & practice, decentralisation through blockchain & scalable cohesive impact through exponential models & technologies),
  • Promote for common benefit. According to the Accenture report, 75% of current business models will be replaced by ecosystems.
  • Complement such that no two ecosystems will overlap for a similar enhanced value proposition.
  • Handle disruptive challenges proactively & collectively ( like the way healthcare ecosystems handled the pandemic)

Unique Value Proposition

The founder has 14 years of experience in anchoring discussions on emerging risks, opportunities and multidimensional dynamics across all levels in all verticals in conglomerates. Also, he has mentored startups using purpose launchpad methodology for 6 years after he retired from his corporate job.