Empowering individual & collective resilience to shape better future

We feel stressed & vulnerable if our resilience cannot cope up with external pressures or distractions.

Pandemic & lockdown has made us realise the need for holistic & collective resilience. The chain is as strong as its weakest link. 

We need to proactively integrate & balance life, learning, wellness, work, vacation & empowering connections.

We have already experienced in childhood how to tap the inner power of spontaneity & curiosity to connect, learn & grow.

However, as we grow, our awareness is limited compared to the increasing responsibilities & challenges on multiple fronts.

Awareness is dependent upon the surrounding we get or choose, experiences on the path & interpretation thereof.

Most of us adapt, rebel, protect or seek protection, control or criticise.

Only transformational leaders look beyond personal roles to empower others & transform current reality. 

However, such leaders face greater resistance now as any person without responsibility for consequences can use social media to spread fear & negativism. 

Purpose-driven trusted global connections & personalised mentoring can empower people to

  • Harness democratisation of opportunities for learning & work; tap potential & minimise dependencies.
  • Meet unmet needs & create impact
  • Widen collective influence positively


Purpose Alliance, a not-for-profit global organisation, enables to widen such collective influence through

  • Meta Mentoring & certifying competent mentors, who in turn, empower others using shared expertise & methodologies
  • Innovation meta methodology Purpose Launchpad which facilitates
    • Set Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) to inspire powerful intent & purpose-driven values & comprehensively visualise problems & response options
    • Shape a transformative narrative for better life & world
    • Connecting to a purpose-driven global community with a shared passion, commitment, positive vibes, diverse perspectives & complementary strengths
    • Mentoring to develop learning & evolving mindset & empowering to channel attention, emotions, energy, thoughts, skills, conversations & resources for the purpose
    • Overview of ecosystem & how co-creation, delivery & paying for Value proposition will work
    • De-risking innovation using the structured framework to empathise with needs, explore options, ideate, validate & co-create an impact
    • Agile processes to evolve in a balanced way across all dimensions
    • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & algorithms to match & pull relevant solutions for each need
    • Exponential Technologies to tap & Manage abundance of underutilized human potential & investments to overcome constraints caused by scarcity & lonely fight
    • Developing a sustainable Business Model such that there is fairness & clarity about creation & delivery & rewarding for Value  proposition
  • Global challenges like on 'Future of Work', 'Future of Education', 'Future of well-being' where Startups from all over the world get useful resources, mentoring & opportunity to present initiative & get feedback.

Pankaj Sarda, the founder of JeevanSarthi, is a certified mentor of Purpose Alliance. Purpose Alliance has 70 mentors globally.

He is also a certified ExO Sprint coach, consultant & trainer from OpenExo. OpneExo Community focuses on Exponential technologies & has more than 8000 members in 131 countries speaking 47 languages

JeevanSarthi offers personalised nudge like 'GPS' for NEXT NORMAL to develop global ecosystems for

We invite partners & members to be part of this journey to evolve together with shared passion & sustained excitement.

Please see the value proposition to Partners & Members stated hereunder.

Value Proposition to Partners
The Platform invites  *Entrepreneurs *Angel financiers *Mentors *Consultants *Coaches.
The platform will empower them to evolve &
  1. Tap reliable & continuously upgrading technology offered by Kajabi platform
  2. Offer to inner circles: Membership, Community, Coaching, Podcasts, Bulletin Boards, Newsletters & Tools.
  3. Pull insights & tap cross-learning & co-branding
  4. Reduce techno-marketing overwhelm & focus on core
  5. Attract & align investment with milestones
Value Proposition to Members
The Platform will offer Members
  1. Personalized Mentoring for self-learning & discovery
  2. GPS like direction & timely nudge for Next Normal
  3. Leveraging contextual understanding to 
    • Simplify
    • Pull the relevant offers from partners
    • Offer comprehensive solutions
    • Avoid Overwhelm & Dilemma
  4. Encouragement & Empowerment to evolve consistently

We invite Partners & Members to join us. Please tell us the following & press submit button.