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GPS for Next Normal

Subscription-based umbrella platform to enable, like a catalyst, the following:

1) Mentoring Mindsets for A) holistic well-being & B) proactive preparedness for the Next Normal

2) Mentoring Startups from early-stage ideas TO scaling up TO managing the scale with startup-like creative spirit & flexibility 

3) Orchestration of ecosystems for A) better nurturing of startups & B) co-creating cohesive impact of fragmented & interdependent initiatives

Evolving for proactive positive impact.

The pandemic has made us realise that disruptive change on any dimension can pull us down, like a weak link in the chain.

We feel first & then justify what we feel & hence, we become vulnerable to fear, attachment, inertia, oversensitivity, judgmental opinions, misleading influences & stress that keep us stuck with present conditions or trigger thoughtless actions, reactions or distractions.

Short-term unwinding, distracting attention away from problems, individual ideals & skills, scattered knowledge, prescriptive advice & post-mortem review cannot change external reality.

We can, however, transform from a reactive to a proactive approach & evolve collectively & consistently as individuals, families, organisations & ecosystems to be game-changers.

Value Proposition-Building up of culture and collective capabilities for proactive preparedness & to co-create cohesive impact

This platform catalyses expanded Value Propositions beyond an initiative, organisation, product or service to orchestrate ecosystems to be proactively prepared & to co-create Cohesive and scalable Human, Social and Economic Impact.


Business Model for Personalised Mentoring & Collective Orchestration

The platform will mentor minds & orchestrate the initiatives by startups in the following ecosystems using the framework given hereunder to enhance collective strength & co-create cohesive impact:

I) Learning & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems consisting of educators, learners, startups, incubators, accelerators, coaches, consultants, mentors and investors: CONTINUE

II) Wellness, healthcare & rural Tourism Ecosystems consisting of knowledge institutions, coaches, hosts, tourists, startups, mentors & investors: CONTINUE

III) Art, Cultural and entertainment ecosystems consisting of storytellers, scriptwriters, training institutions, mentors, directors, producers, distributors & audience: CONTINUE



Ecosystem Orchestration

Curate, Innovate, Build & Govern



Subscription Platform

Learn, Coach, Collaborate & Evolve




ExO Model

Connect, Engage, Scale & Manage