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JeevanSarthi Ecosystem Orchestrators & Mentors LLP

Navigator for Life, like GPS, for Next Normal for proactive collective impact on interdependent future 
Supporting G20’s mission of one earth, family & future.
Proactive chain impact

Despite game-changing transformations in human history, we are vulnerable to any one weak link in a chain:

  •  Despite broad options & easy access to learning; students & executives lack clear convictions for confident choices in the fast-changing world
  • Despite advanced diagnostic tools, disease treatment & wellness centres; we are vulnerable to mental & lifestyle problems.
  • Despite pleasures, wealth & social connections, we lack inner lasting bliss, contentment, a WE mindset, mutual respect & empowerment.
    • Even creative & entertainment professionals capable of understanding & transforming minds are vulnerable to a volatile future. 
  • Technology, expertise, big investment & targeted promotion cannot offer real solutions, consistent growth & lasting impact if
    • There is no bridge to sensitise & understand real needs. Niche-focused promotions cause unnecessary overwhelm.
    • Work relationships are of the owner & hired with control or dependency & not of partnership for collective growth.
    • Business interests trigger pressures for big investments & short-term gains & hence inflexibility, uncertainty & volatility.
    • Role & condition-driven lonely fights, sympathy for the weak & hero worship affect initiatives to transform & evolve.
  • Greatness or competency of a person, protection of weak, scattered content, initiatives & conversations cannot co-create a positive chain impact.
  • Personalised understanding, timely direction, co-innovation, complementation & synthesis can encourage holistic resilience & cohesive impact.
Buisness Model
Value Proposition- A framework that acts as a catalyst to transform for Next Normal: 
We have seen how the pandemic led to the emergence of global ecosystems in the healthcare sector.
G20 now has a mission for one earth, one family, and one future.
 We propose a subscription platform that will encourage the following:
  • Discover inspiring Massive Transformative Purpose for Holistic well-being to
    • Set direction, balance objectives & sow seeds to be holistically prepared
      • Avoid underestimating what we can do in the long run & overestimating what we can do in the short run &  hence avoid attachments, stress, distractions or deadlocks.
    • Develop shared purpose, values, trust & passion-driven connections to avoid extremes of lonely fights, dependency, or directionlessness.
      • Tap inside-out strengths of inner confidence & WE mindset & outside-in broader perspective to handle uncertain multi-dimensional challenges
    • Cocreate Cohesive Human, Social & Economic Impact & impact-driven return on investment
  • Evolve to tap Unique potential & underutilised abundance of resources for enhanced collective strengths & scalable impact.
  • Curate for authenticity through integrating ancient & modern science & cross-learning across cultures, professions & generations.
  • Funnel the built-up capabilities & curated intelligence for specific needs of initiatives & ecosystems through
    • The democratisation of access to resources & opportunities e.g. for creative professions to sensitise stories & shape narratives.
    • Coaching for 21st-century multi-disciplinary skills for Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Resilience, Digital Transformation & IT Security
    • Mentoring for contextual understanding & timely direction.
      Krishna mentored Arjuna on the battlefield without using weapons to present a bigger picture in crisis & avoid sentiments.
    • Collaborations & shared services to tap complementary strengths & be resilient to unforeseen multi-dimensional challenges.
    • Communities for ease, engagement, encouragement & democratisation to avoid dominant, follower or direction-less crowd thinking
    • Models, frameworks, tools standards & best practices for co-innovation & cohesive impact

Solution- Ecosystem Orchestration, Subscription Platform & Scalable Model

  • According to the Accenture report, ecosystems will replace 75% of current models in the next five years & they will grow to US$ 100 trillion by 2028.
    Orchestrating Knowledge, Innovation & Business Ecosystems will promote 1) Co-innovation for the next big thing in technology & business model; 2) Synthesising interdependent & fragmented initiatives & minimising overlapping or gaps for cohesive impact; 3) Democratisation of access to resources & opportunities & Decentralisation; 4) Resilience across the value chain & supply chain; 5) Collective intelligence,  synergies, best practices & standards;  6) complementation (balance between competition & co-operation); 7) Privacy vs Cross learning; 8) Autonomy & Flexibility within the overall agreed-upon framework.
    • *Holistic Lifelong Learning Ecosystem * Wellness Tourism Ecosystem *Entrepreneurial & Governance Ecosystems * Entertainment Ecosystem
       Synthesising fragmented & interdependent Initiatives within & across Ecosystems for a cohesive impact, e.g. tourism will 
      • Blur the lines between life, learning, work, relaxation & creativity through Anywhere Anytime tourism.
      • Bring diverse experiences to tourists for wellness, expanded understanding & meaningful change in life.
      • Develop entrepreneurship amongst homestay hosts & other vocations at destinations & expand livelihood opportunities.
      • Enable Unity in Diversity by connecting across cultures, bridging divides & capturing stories for transformative impac.
  • The subscription model of Kajabi has a track record of 10 years of building more than 1lac businesses & yearly revenue of 5 billion) for
    • Developing upfront understanding (& avoid uncertainty, anxiety & volatility of transactional relationships)
    • Ensuring Collaboration, Coaching & Mentoring & community engagement & encouragement
  • Fair, motivating & impact-driven scalable models with
    • Purpose manifesto for shared values
    • Purpose Launchpad methodology for agile, balanced & prudent evolving
    • ExO model for scalable impact
    • Time, Money & Tokens as currency for value addition, value capture & return on investment