Let Us Connect

Pankaj Sarda is the founder of Jeevansarthi Ecosystem Orchestrators and Mentors LLP. He is from Mumbai, India

With comprehensive expertise in Finance (CA), Systems Audit (CISA) and Governance (CS, ERM), he brings 37 years of experience in conglomerates and six years as a Mentor for Startups.

The founder has 14 years of experience anchoring discussions on emerging risks, opportunities & response options across all levels and verticals in conglomerates. These discussions enabled multidimensional futuristic thinking, captured actionable insights and prioritised initiatives based on potential impact. 

As a member of the RMNext group, he continues to be in contact with Chief risk officers at reputed companies in India.

After retirement in 2017, he acquired competencies in Fintech (Harvard), Coaching (ExO Sprint coach), Mentoring (Certified Purpose Alliance Mentor), Masterminds (Tony Robbins), and Digital Marketing.

In the Fintech course, he interacted with participants with different experiences in countries with diverse scenarios and regulations. The faculty highly appreciated his ability to synthesise perspectives & practices. (He scored 90% in caption project & 88% overall)

His mentoring significantly influenced startup initiatives, particularly those addressing Global challenges regarding the Future of Education, Health, Happiness, and Sustainable Development Goals. 

He proposes to leverage his strengths of synthesis, a balanced perspective (like between innovation and risk management), and mentoring to orchestrate this ecosystem platform and co-create personal and broader impact to shape the Next Normal.

He operates from a WeWork co-working space & has an all-access membership to connect across all its locations.