Let Us Connect

Pankaj Sarda is the founder of Jeevansarthi Ecosystem Orchestrators and Mentors LLP. He is from Mumbai, India

He is a Finance (CA), Systems (CISA) and Governance (ERM) with 37 years of experience in conglomerates & 6 years as a Mentor and Consultant for Startups. He also did global courses on Fintech (from Harvard), Sprint Coach (from OpenExO), Mentoring (from Purpose Alliance), Master Minds (Tony Robbins) & Digital Marketing (TImesPro).

As a Group Chief Risk Officer (Group CRO) for 14 years in conglomerates, he anchored discussions among business and functional leaders across all verticals on emerging risks & opportunities. With the involvement of other group leaders, these discussions encouraged multi-dimensional futuristic thinking & prioritisation of transformative initiatives based on impact.

After retirement in 2017, he contributed as a Coach and Mentor on global challenges in Health, Education, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), etc. He registered as a Mentor on Startup India & interacted with several startups. He saw the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial intuition, committed collaborations & impact-orientation. 

Inspired by the spirit of ‘Unity in Diversity’ (of G20) & based on the learning, reflections & observations related to life, work, well-being & happiness & along the journey from Finance head of a business unit TO Group head in a cross-functional role (as Chief Risk Officer) TO Mentor for entrepreneurs TO impact-driven orchestrator, he felt the need to enable clients to focus on core through

1) Lifetime of personalised understanding

2) Multidisciplinary support

3) Synthesis of fragmented initiatives to avoid overlapping, wheel reinventing or gaps

4) Proactive preparedness for the Next Normal

He, therefore, set up a subscription-based umbrella platform at https://GPSforNextNormal.in that acts as a catalyst to connect dots & build bridges for the above.

We invite startups, mentors, professionals, investors, incubators, accelerators & corporates to connect with the founder at [email protected] to discuss partnership in this journey.