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Purpose, Values & Governance 


Our Purpose is to inspire everyday actions to improve the world.

We value…
• Purpose over problems and solutions.
• Lasting positive impact over short-term focus.
• Collaboration over competition.
• Collective & personal well-being over self-interest.

We follow these principles to achieve what we value…
• We promote a purpose-oriented abundance mindset to impact the world positively.
• We increase access to new and existing resources & opportunities by embracing technology.

 We will ensure fair, consistent & democratic Governance using the following modus operandi:

  • The governing body will continuously improve a shared vision, mission, values & scalable business model.
  • Profits earned will be reinvested to promote the platform to ensure uninterrupted flow & impact. 
  • Philanthropic, Social and business investments will be merged with the overarching impact objective.